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African Cooking 101 - African Birds Eye Chili also known as Piri Piri, Pili Pili or Piri Piri, this set is from Kenya and is for the hot pepper lovers!

Try Coconut Jollof Rice with our Jollof sauce

Recipe: http://www.pepperandstew.co.uk/?p=1465

Ghanaian Red Red

Recipe: http://www.pepperandstew.co.uk/?p=1071

Palm Nut Stew Cottage Pie

Recipe: http://www.pepperandstew.co.uk/?p=1338

Cape Verde - Pastry with the Devil Inside (Pastel com Diabo Dentro)

Recipe: http://www.pepperandstew.co.uk/2012/07/10/pastry-with-the-devil-inside-pastel-com-diabo-dentro/