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Ever tried cooking Ethiopian stews? A good place to start would be Niter Kibbeh - spiced clarified butter. With this and berbere spices … You will be off to a good start. Check out the recipe on the website.

Sadza and more ox liver with greens. #sadza #greens #liver #offal #oxliver #sadza #pap #nshima #ugali # #beefliver. This is in my top ten favourite meals to have but with the less refined finger millet flour.

Our guide to making a cottage pie with an African twist, using Pepper and Stew’s Palm Nut Sauce.

Check out our new quick and easy jollof rice video

Cape Malay Chicken Curry

Our guide to make a South African classic meal, Cape Malay Chicken Curry

Dabo Kolo – Ethiopian ‘Snack Bread’

Happy Easter!

Try this with our Berbere Spicekit.. Dabo Kolo

Recipe here: http://www.pepperandstew.co.uk/?p=1867

Jollof Chilli Con Carne - Using our Jollof Sauce. Recipe to follow

Jollof Sauce

Doro Wat - Ethiopian Spicy Chicken Stew - Made with our Berbere Spice Kit 

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