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How to make “Red Red” Beans Stew

Our guide to make a the Ghanaian classic “red red”, using Pepper and Stew’s Egusi Stew Sauce.

Our guide to making a cottage pie with an African twist, using Pepper and Stew’s Palm Nut Sauce.

Check out our new quick and easy jollof rice video

Jollof Chilli Con Carne - Using our Jollof Sauce. Recipe to follow

Jollof Sauce

African Cooking 101 - Yam

'Yam stood for manliness, and he who could feed his family on yams from one harvest to another was a great man indeed' ~ Chinua Achebe - Things fall apart

This root vegetable is excellent in soups, stews and tagines and can boiled, pounded or fried! How do you eat yours?


"Puff Puff" also known as Tobgei/Bofrot 

Receipe: http://www.pepperandstew.co.uk/2012/10/28/puff-puff/

Try Coconut Jollof Rice with our Jollof sauce

Recipe: http://www.pepperandstew.co.uk/?p=1465

Palm Nut Soup

For those who haven’t seen our recipe and pic

Recipe: http://www.pepperandstew.co.uk/2012/08/17/palm-nut-sauce-palm-nut-soup/